Issue #51

Interactive Components. FigJam widgets and plugins. Design tokens.

During the last couple of weeks, Figma released multiple updates that were in the works for a long time. First, after being introduced at Config Europe in 2020, Interactive Components are finally out of closed beta and available to everyone! The power they provide is hard to take for granted, and I’m excited about using them in my projects and getting fully interactive components from the Community.

Second, FigJam rolled out its biggest release to date: new pricing, open sessions, widgets, plugins, embedded content, new shapes, code blocks, templates… oh my! I included a few tweets from the team giving an insider look at how these features were built, along with some of my favorite new widgets.

Last but not least, read how Google’s Material Design is teaming up with Figma to bring great UI from design to code, see how GitHub uses Jan Six’s plugin to work with design tokens, and listen to Dylan Field talking about creators economy and low-ego leadership.

Enjoy the issue!

— Eugene


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