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Issue #50

Branching. Schema Conference. No code.

It only fits that the 50th issue of the newsletter is the largest one so far. While on average every issue has about 27 links, this one is 41! Between the Schema conference, the release of Branching, and major updates to popular no-code tools, there are lots of good things to write about.

If you missed the Schema conference, this issue contains the most complete list of video recordings. They’re not listed on Figma’s YouTube yet, and some of the smaller talks and panels are not available in the event account. I gathered links from a few sources, so spread the word and enjoy great content! While I attended the online conference and watched the first few talks live, I still have to catch up with a few of the later talks.

Special thanks to Webflow for sponsoring Figmalion. Check out their Webflow Inspo newsletter for quality design and no-code resources.

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Issue #49

Figmalion 2.0. Copy and paste. FigJam’s dedication to delight.

Welcome to the new Figmalion 2.0β! Just a few weeks before Figmalion’s 2nd birthday and 50th issue, I launched the new brand and website. It’s not just a newsletter anymore, but the biggest knowledge base about Figma. All 1,325 links from the past issues have been organized by type and topics, so now you can browse for cool resources or dive into specific areas of interest like Developer Handoff or Design Systems. There is still more to do, but the new website forms a solid foundation for future updates and improvements.

Fun fact: the name “Figmalion” is a pun on Pygmalion, a legendary sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved. (There is also a really fun play based on this story by George Bernard Shaw.) That’s where the bust on the old logo came from, but eventually, I fell out of love with it. Meet the new logo by lettering artist Anna Chistyakova! I truly love it and hope it’ll stick for a long time.

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Issue #48

Schema conference. Accessible Palette. FigJam updates.

Happy Monday! Last week, Figma announced Schema, their new design systems conference. The lineup of speakers and agenda look great. I already applied to attend, but all talks will be recorded and shared the week after the event anyway. Looking forward to it!

👉 Speaking of design systems, I mentioned a new tool I’ve been working on in the previous issue. Accessible Palette is a free app for designing color systems with consistent lightness and contrast. It’s built on CIELAB/LCh color space and has some really useful features, like shifting Hue of the color range, checking contrast ratios against any color in the palette, or using an improved contrast algorithm from an upcoming WCAG 3 Working Draft. This tool was born out of a real-life project, and I believe it can be a huge help to anyone working on design systems or caring about accessibility.

🤓 See why the HSL/HSV color model sucks for systems work, WCAG 2.1 contrast ratios shouldn’t be trusted, and sometimes Figma isn’t enough in my article at Wildbit blog: Accessible Palette: Stop using HSL for color systems.

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