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Issue #41

June 7, 2021

App Updates

🍎 Desktop App for Apple Silicon

Figma desktop app is now officially optimized for M1 Macs. (Used to be only the beta app.)

🐦 Create new files in Figma and FigJam

Figma set up and domains as shortcuts for creating new files.

What’s New

🐦 Create Figma Plugin

Yuan Qing Lim – one of the most prolific creators of Figma plugins – released v1 of his open-source toolkit for developing plugins. It comes with an optimized development workflow, maintainable code structure, utility functions, and even essential Figma UI components.

📄 Design Ops in Figma

An overview of the processes, methodologies, and Figma features that design teams adopt to ship products and achieve continuous success in their work.

🐦 Creating an illustration system for comics series

Pablo Stanley shows his use of Figma components and variants for creating an illustration system of characters for a new comics series, The Design Team.

🐦 Using Figma API to update Twitter avatar and banner

Javier Arce open-sourced a project using Figma’s Webhook API to update Twitter avatar and banner from the comfort of Figma.

Interactive Components in Figma

MDS takes a look at interactive components (currently in beta) — what they are, how they work, and the different ways they can be used in prototypes.

Advanced Interactive Components in Figma

In the follow-up to a previous video, MDS builds a prototype with multiple radio button interactive components.

🐦 Making a sunburst graphic

Miggi makes a sunburst graphic and puts a bird on it. Don’t miss part two, where he explores a totally different and quite creative way to build it with a stroke.

Frame shortkeys

“Convert selections to a frame, break apart frames, and show frame outlines in Figma.”

Resizing frames

Master resizing frames in Figma while using constraints and ignoring constraints.



An interesting new app for creating and editing Lottie animations without After Effects. Supports importing assets from Figma.

🌎 “Sign in with” Button

A collection of the most popular “Sign in with” buttons, complete with all the official button variants and a convenient custom button to match your own design system.


Variable Fonts

Variable Fonts Toni Gemayel built a plugin providing basic support for variable fonts. While not a replacement for missing native support, it lets you render variable fonts as graphics and then update them in the future.


Jitter Import your Figma projects to Jitter, add animations easily, and export as a video or GIF. Check out this quick demo to see how it works.


📄 “Earn influence, don’t mandate it” – a conversation with Figma’s Devdatta Akhawe

In this interview, Figma’s Head of Security Devdatta Akhawe shares his take on building strong teams and tackling huge problems with purpose.

📄 Embracing the mess at Config 2021

“We asked speakers at Config 2021 to share stories about the challenges, obstacles, and difficult moments that ultimately make products better. Below, we’re sharing some of the highlights.”

📄 In the file at Config 2021

“Yesterday, we released all of the videos from day two of Config 2021, Figma’s virtual design conference. Here, we’re highlighting some of our favorite moments from the breakout sessions.”

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