Issue #50

Branching. Schema Conference. No code.

It only fits that the 50th issue of the newsletter is the largest one so far. While on average every issue has about 27 links, this one is 41! Between the Schema conference, the release of Branching, and major updates to popular no-code tools, there are lots of good things to write about. 

If you missed the Schema conference, this issue contains the most complete list of video recordings. They’re not listed on Figma’s YouTube yet, and some of the smaller talks and panels are not available in the event account. I gathered links from a few sources, so spread the word and enjoy great content! While I attended the online conference and watched the first few talks live, I still have to catch up with a few of the later talks.

Special thanks to Webflow for sponsoring Figmalion. Check out their Webflow Inspo newsletter for quality design and no-code resources.

— Eugene


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