Issue #46

Move & swap components, designing icons, and community podcasts

Hello 👋 Figmalion is back to its regular biweekly schedule after a short summer break.

While August is usually the quietest time of the year, the last three weeks have been quite busy for the Figma community. First, a long-awaited feature was released — now you can move published components between files without breaking their connection! In addition, Figma shipped a few improvements to libraries and components. Font Awesome (which is shipped with Figma by default) switched their entire icon design process to Figma. Smashing Magazine published a guide on useful plugins. A few members of the Figma community were guests on the podcasts — check out conversations with Miggi and Gleb. Lastly, there are a few great tips on using components and organizing design systems. Enjoy the issue!

— Eugene

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