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Issue #32

February 1, 2021

What’s New

💬 Figma Support Forum

Figma introduced Support Forum, which in time will become an easily referenced resource for troubleshooting and best practices.

📄 Introducing Component Variants, Zapier Integration & new Notifications experience

Zapier announced a new set of features for product teams, including native support for Figma Variants.

📄 How a small team built’s design system

During an audit of marketing pages, the team at Figma realized they weren’t following their own advice. Over the course of a month, their small team created and organized a robust, adaptable style guide and component library that now lives in their CMS. I loved that part: “…every color has its own branded name, inspired by California, where Figma is based. An earthy green is avocado toast, and an ember yellow is sunset.”

📄 How we migrated our design team to Figma

“As the coronavirus hit the travel industry earlier this year, the design team at Agoda looked at how we could save costs without sacrificing the quality of the work we’re doing. The collaborative features and the opportunity to shrink the cost of multiple license fees to just one were two compelling reasons to review Figma and eventually propose a plan to migrate our whole design organization to the new tool.”

📄 And yet another story about moving design files to Figma

“If you are reading this, means that you are interested in how and why to move your designs projects to Figma. Don’t expect a detailed guide on what’s the most optimised way of doing it, but rather the whys and hows of how I did it recently and why I believe it was a successful move.”

Using Figma

🌎 20 Speed tips

Noah Levin, Design Director at Figma, collected 20 of his favorite tips and tricks for whipping up something quickly.

📄 Building Complex Figma Variants

Carol Chan shares her learnings from building a collapsible card component with many properties.

📄 Using Figma for Presentations: 2021 Update

With support for components, hyperlinks, PDF export, presentation mode, and shared community files, Figma became a fantastic tool for designing slides and creating presentations. This article provides an overview of the modern workflow.

📄 Figma Plugins for Better App Design Workflows

The team at Headway shared an evolving list of their favorite Figma plugins for automating aspects of the design process that can take a long time or be done multiple times a day.

🌎 Illustration tutorial: Create an eye in Figma

Martin Bekerman is a Brand Design Lead at Netflix and a fantastic illustrator. See some of his recent artworks in the next section.

🐦 Short keys to help master placing images in your designs

⌘+⇧+K to place an image, ⌘+⇧+C/V to copy/paste it from/to an object.

🐦 More control over your Bezier handles

And another short video from Miguel, this time about Bezier curves.

🐦 How to make dotted lines for illustrations

Come for the tip, stay for a beautiful demo.

🐦 Embed Figma files inside your PM tools

A nice way to share the always up-to-date versions of your designs.

Coffee with Charli: Managing a multi-brand design system

Figma and Charli Marie, Creative Director at ConvertKit, introduce the new video series “Coffee with Charli”, where she’ll interview design systems leaders. First up, Charli chats with Chris Pearson of Conde Nast about design systems for multiple brands.

Let’s Build a Design System: Elevation

Tim explains the concept of elevation in Material Design and how to work with it in Figma.

How to create futuristic interfaces in Figma

I shared one of Sebastian’s futuristic interface illustrations a few months ago, but really glad he recorded a full video tutorial with his process!

Figma tutorial: Auto layout button

“In this video, we’ll teach you the basics of using Auto Layout by creating a button from a single text layer.”

Figma tutorial: Auto layout navigation menu

“In this video we’ll teach you more advanced Auto Layout techniques to create a navigation menu using the button we created in the previous video.”

Made in Figma

🐦 Designing stained glass art

What an unusual use case for Figma, but the end result looks great!

🐦 Batman: The Dark Knight

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

🐦 John Wick

“I’m thinking I’m back.”

🐦 Logan

Another fantastic movie poster by Martin Bekerman.

🐦 Figma logo animation

Noah Jacobus pushes Figma’s capabilities beyond normal product design and uses it to draw, style, and animate the logo.

🐦 Doge to the moon!

If you’ve been following the GME/WSB story last week, don’t miss this joke.


🧵 Some of the coolest design systems made in Figma

Mirko Santangelo collected great resources from Uber, Microsoft, GitHub, Spotify, and more.

🌎 Interaction file giveaway

A collection of cool micro-interactions made in Figma.

🌎 The Basics of Typography

A beautiful explanation of the fundamentals of good typography.

🐦 Flat image → interactive layers

I shared some of Jordan’s experiments before, but this one is truly magical. Let’s hope it will become a real plugin one day!



Morph Create effects like Skeuomorph, Neon, Glitch, Reflection, Glass, etc., right in Figma.

Sort on Canvas by Name

Sort on Canvas by Name Handy tiny plugin by Gleb Sabirzyanov.

Doom Figma

Doom Figma “Play Doom in Figma. The game includes the first episode with 9 levels of the most incredible and iconic game in the FPS history.“

Book “Designing in Figma”Designing in FigmaNew book