Issue #25

Videos from Config Europe. Debugging Figma. Building internal plugins.

Last week, Figma published over 8 hours of video recordings from Config Europe, so get comfortable! Software engineer Jamie Wong shared a great story of debugging a sneaky bug in Figma. Roman Shamin from Evil Martians wrote an epic blog post on building an internal plugin to create and maintain a dynamic color system. So many artists and illustrators keep pushing the limits of what’s possible with Figma — check out their work in the Resources section!

I’m really happy to welcome Bravo Studio as a sponsor of this issue. I first wrote about them back in January, and last week they released a major new version. It’s mind-blowing that iOS and Android apps now can be created by connecting a Figma prototype to external APIs and services without writing any code. Check them out!

— Eugene


Bravo Studio

A design first, no-code tool, which allows you to turn your Figma app designs and prototypes into real publishable mobile apps (both iOS and Android).

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