Issue #15

Figma Maker Week. Remote work. 3rd-party apps.

In this issue, we’ll look at public projects from Figma Maker Week, talk about remote design as a new reality for many teams, learn how other designers and developers use Figma, and how design systems are organized in large teams. There is also an unusually large number of products built for Figma — iPadOS and Linux clients, a collaborative workspace for planning work, and plugin for creating and customizing illustrations. Enjoy!

— Eugene

P.S. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in my upcoming book Designing in Figma”! After writing this newsletter for six months, I thought I know the app pretty well, but I keep discovering new features and tricks as I work on the book. Makes me appreciate a fantastic tool we have in our hands even more!

App Updates

Maker Week at Figma

Using Figma

Tips and Tricks

Design Systems

Design Process

Working Remotely



Community Projects

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