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Issue #42

Editor Quality Updates & iOS 15 UI Kit

Have you watched Apple’s WWDC this year? Some folks threw together a Keynote Watch Party in FigJam, which is yet another creative way to use this fantastic app. Joey Banks has already updated his massive UI Kit to iOS 15, which you can find below. Figma shipped a huge set of quality updates to the editor — 30 new features, improvements, and fixes! Make sure to review the community file to not miss anything.

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Issue #40

Figma Beta for M1 and videos from Config

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a new beta of the desktop app for Apple Silicon was the main recent Figma event for me. While the regular app works fine on M1, it’s not as smooth and fast as the native version. For me, this was the last major app still working through Rosetta. Good riddance!

Figma already released videos from the first day of Config 2021, and recordings from the second day should be released today. I missed many of them during the conference and now looking forward to catching up on the Memorial Day weekend!

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Issue #38

Config 2021 and FigJam

Have you tried FigJam yet? I adore all the UI interactions and details in Figma’s newest product. Make sure to go through behind-the-scenes reports on building it in a dedicated section below. Subscribers of this newsletter heard the rumors about FigJam and voice chat months ago, but newly announced Branches caught me by surprise. That was the only part of the design workflow I thought Abstract was handling better, and after years of work, Figma finally shipped the beta to Org accounts. Can’t wait to try it!

Dylan Field’s opening keynote with all announcements is already on YouTube, while recordings of other talks will be available in a month. If you missed the conference, check out a few talk recaps and slide decks below.

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Issue #37

Bulleted lists, switching accounts, and publishing components

Figma is setting the stage for the next week’s Config with multiple smaller long-awaited releases. I bet bulleted and numbered lists, switching between accounts, and publishing individual components were their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most popular feature requests. (Dark mode has to be number one!)

Don’t miss a great article on creating the official Figma kit for Tailwind UI, Yuan Qing Lim’s thoughts on monetizing Figma plugins, and an insider’s look at ordering of Auto Layout elements. See you (virtually) at the Config!

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Issue #36

Config registration and quick action search

Have you tried the new quick action search yet? Pressing Cmd-/ (or Ctrl-/ on Windows) now provides instant access to hidden features and plugins, similar to Spotlight or Alfred on Mac. Love this update!

Registration for Config 2021 is open until April 15th — don’t miss your spot at this free 2-day conference! The speakers’ lineup is great, and I’m always looking forward to new product announcements in the opening keynote.

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Issue #35

Interactive Components and games

New use cases for Interactive Components keep rolling in. The creativity of the design community is truly mind-blowing! As you’ll see in this issue, Interactive Components have been used not only to add interactivity to standard UI elements like input fields and switches but also to create full-blown games like Sudoku, Go, or Minesweeper. (At this point, I began suggesting Figma to kids wanting to build video games. It’s a great intro to visual programming without actual programming.)

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Issue #34

Interactive Components beta, FigJam, and Dropbox’s use of Smart Animate

Exciting updates from Figma this week! First, they added comments to Figma Community, so now you can ask questions or provide feedback on plugins and files. Second, Interactive Components announced on the previous Config reached public beta! I collected a few demos and experiments made by early beta testers. Last but not least, news leaked about FigJam, a new whiteboard space Figma is working on — can’t wait to learn more!

Don’t miss an article on how Dropbox uses Smart Animate to illustrate product design concepts, a guide on switching between light and dark modes, a video stream of building an official Tailwind UI Figma kit, and an open-source Figma alternative. Enjoy!

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