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Issue #146

Undo Adobe acquisition

Happy holidays!

Last week’s issue was sent just minutes before Figma and Adobe announced the cancellation of their $20 billion merger, so today I’ll share a cooled-down coverage of this event. I was cautiously optimistic about the acquisition 15 months ago, and still haven’t formed a strong opinion on either potential outcome. I believe in Figma’s vision and its bright future as an independent company, but I can imagine it was an exhausting emotional rollercoaster for the entire team.

What if stakeholders use some of Adobe’s $1 billion reverse termination fee to provide employee liquidity? Stripe did something similar earlier this year, and it could be a welcome closure for some Figmates. For one, I was looking forward to seeing a new generation of design founders and investors emerge after the acquisition.

This is the last issue of 2023, as I’ll be taking a break from publishing during the week when nothing happens on the internet. Wishing you wonderful holidays and a happy new year!

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Issue #145

Creator Micro. Glowing card. Font Awesome Icons.

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Issue #144

Variables update. Mini keyboard. Mind maps.

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Issue #143

Community updates. Design Technologists. Generating designs.

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Issue #142

Dev Mode. Atlas icons. EU’s objections.

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Issue #141

LBU finale. Build It widget. Config 2024.

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Issue #140

FigJam AI. DesignCode UI. Table Chart.

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Issue #139

The future of Figma. Color Wheel. Gradient Map.

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Issue #138

What if? Variables for theming. Geist.

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Issue #137

Designing Linear. How OkLCH works. Syncing variables to tokens.

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