Issue #95

Happy Holidays! Figma Persona. Shaders.

We almost made it through 2022! This was a hell of a rollercoaster year for me and my family, so I’m ready to take a break and warmly welcome 2023

At Figmalion, I’ve published 40 issues and 609 links this year, bringing the total to 2,097. Thank you to all of my subscribers for reading and recommending the newsletter — it won’t exist without you! And thank you to the amazing companies who sponsored it this year — Zeplin, Maze, Webflow, Uno Platform,, Dive, and Figma Academy.

You’ll hear from me again on January 9th, 2023. Happy Holidays! 🎄

— Eugene


How to make Figma handoff easy

Going from design to development shouldn’t be a challenge. Here are 4 ways Zeplin makes handoff smoother and faster for your entire team.

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