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Config 2022

Welcome to the big post-Config issue! Dylan Field announced lots of improvements to Figma and FigJam during his keynote, so let’s dive in. FigJam got a new collection of widgets for working with tasks and issues in Jira, Asana, and GitHub, as well as cute greeting cards and voice memos. Figma finally got dark mode, variable fonts, spring animations, individual borders, and component properties. Auto Layout was completely redesigned, and now it’s even more powerful. The newly introduced Spotlight makes it easy to gather and guide everyone through a demo. There are even more updates and improvements, so I suggest watching the keynote and going through some of the links I collected. Enjoy!

— Eugene


There’s a smarter way to map user journeys

As your design evolves, there’s always another user journey to solve for. Going back to the design tool isn’t efficient — that’s why we built Flows in Zeplin! Easily connect screens into a Flow, then add actions, decisions, and branches using Shapes. Give your developers everything they need to understand the complete user journey.

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Config 2022

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