Issue #56

Composing components. Variable fonts. (mac)OStalgia.

While launching this newsletter in 2019, I was worried there may not be enough content to justify a new issue every two weeks. Clearly, I underestimated how vibrant and active the Figma community will become. Since then, I’ve heard from readers that some issues can be a little overwhelming — not surprising, considering, on average, there are 27 links per issue and sometimes as many as 41. The launch of Figmalion 2.0 in October simplified my publishing process, so now I’m finally ready to start sending the newsletter weekly. Hope you’ll enjoy shorter and more regular issues in the future!

— Eugene

P.S. Thanks to Denislav Jeliazkov for sponsoring the last few issues! Check out his book Master UI Design Elements — The hidden secrets” or follow him on Twitter for great threads and tips on UI design.


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