Issue #54

The new mobile app. Link previews in FigJam. 2021 Design Tools Survey.

Every year I look forward to Design Tools Survey. The first time I wrote about it in 2019, Sketch was a leading tool in all categories, but Figma was catching up and was called The most exciting tool of 2020”. In 2020, Figma destroyed the competition in all categories related to design and prototyping. This year with the launch of FigJam, they went after digital whiteboarding and got a solid 2nd place in this category after Miro. At this point, Figma and FigJam cover all stages of the design process except user research and testing. My favorite thing in the report is how excited the design community is about Figma — it’s the most popular tool by far.

Healthy competition keeps everyone on their toes, and as designers, we are lucky to have access to a variety of fantastic tools. Can’t wait to see how our tools will change in 2022!

— Eugene


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