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Issue #36

March 29, 2021

Have you tried the new quick action search yet? Pressing Cmd-/ (or Ctrl-/ on Windows) now provides instant access to hidden features and plugins, similar to Spotlight or Alfred on Mac. Love this update!

Registration for Config 2021 is open until April 15th — don’t miss your spot at this free 2-day conference! The speakers’ lineup is great, and I’m always looking forward to new product announcements in the opening keynote.

— Eugene

App Updates

🔍 Find it faster with quick actions

Fantastic update with an easy way to access your recent actions, Figma plugins, menu items, and more from the center of your canvas.

What’s New

⚙️ Registration for Config 2021 Is Open

Free 2-day conference with 60 amazing speakers? Yes, please! Registration closes on April 15th.

📄 Digital Designers Take Professional Collaboration Tools and Riff on Them

The Wall Street Journal writes about Figma being used for fun stuff not related to work, like off-sites for team-building, fan art, interior design, and even wedding-planning.

📄 Figma for Education: Design for Learning Experiences

Alicia Quan outlines several reasons for educators to consider using Figma and shares a few resources that will help them use it to improve their lives and the lives of students.

Using Figma

📄 Board Gaming in Figma

Very creative use of Figma’s powerful features and custom plugins for building a board game.

📄 Designing Micro-Interactions With Figma Interactive Components

Rodrigo Osornio shows a few cool micro-interactions made with Interactive Components.

📄 Organising Design Work in Figma — a Systemic Guide and Framework

Preethi Shreeya shares her team’s approach to organizing working files for more clarity and collaboration within a team.

🐦 Using Interactive Components & Variants to Create a Segmented Control

Joey Banks with a quick demo.

Prototyping Keyboard/Gamepad Interactions

Learn how to use keyboard/gamepad interactions for TV and game-based interactive prototyping.

Principles of Design: The Golden Ratio

New video series from Figma. This episode focuses on the golden ratio and how to draw it from the Fibonacci sequence.

In the File: Building a Collaborative Design System at Scale

“Learn how ABB placed collaboration at the center of their design system to enable an international squad of designers and developers to succeed.”


🌎 Inclusive Design Illustrations

This file contains character sticker sheets and illustrations from Microsoft Inclusive Design's toolkit. They are commonly used when referencing Microsoft's Inclusive Design methodology and the diversity in human abilities and preferences.

🌎 Pixelarticons

359 open-source pixel-art icons based on a 24x24 grid. Cool retro look!

🌎 User Research Report Template

A UX template to create a user research report for your team by Furquan Ahmad.

🌎 Persona Template Advanced

A basic persona template inspired by the post “Make Your Personas Great Again in 7 Simple Steps“.


Adee – Comprehensive Accessibility Testing Tool

Adee Test color contrast, simulate eight forms of color blindness, test touch target sizes, and more. See the article “A plugin that brings accessibility right inside Figma and Sketch” for a complete guide to this powerful tool.


Sources New plugin for downloading original images from your Figma files. It’s possible to dig them out in the Inspect panel, but this is a much easier way. Check out a short intro video.

Search & Focus

Search & Focus Search and quickly navigate to an object like text, component, group, frame, etc.


📄 By the Numbers: One Year of Remote Work

“Growth Data Scientist Wendy Lu shares how an experiment to enable remote collaboration kicked off a larger workstream to understand changes in collaboration more broadly. We found that users are collaborating more across regions and time zones, designers are working more closely with their cross-functional colleagues, and people are starting to include collaborators earlier in the design process. Below, read more on our findings (and methodology), and see how these trends come to life at Atlassian and Dropbox.”

🎧 The Changing Landscape of Security with Dev Akhawe

“In episode 88 of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny speaks to Dev Akhawe, Head of Security at Figma, the first state-of-the-art interface design tool that runs entirely in your browser. Dev pulls back the curtain and gives us a look at what security at Figma looks like.”

📄 He Sold a Digital CryptoPunk for $7.5 Million. Now Figma CEO Dylan Field Is Ready to Move Into the Metaverse.

Forbes writes about Dylan Field’s NFTs collection and sale of CryptoPunk. See also Dylan’s own statement on the sale.

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