Issue #165

Craft & Polish. Creator Micro. AI in branding.

Hi there!

The pre-Config month always feels like the lull before the storm. Not much is getting released beyond previously promised updates and polishing of existing features. The topic of polish and quality in software has been at the top of my mind, and a few excellent discussions are happening at the moment that I covered in this issue.

Work Louder started shipping Figma Creator Micro keypad preorders, and I received mine just a few days ago. It’s a fun little device and my first glimpse into the world of mechanical keyboards. The setup has a pretty steep learning curve, but I (mostly) figured out how to use VIA and include a few helpful resources below. Now, my main challenge is remembering all actions behind 12 keys and 2 dials on 4 discrete layers. That said, the tactile feedback of the clicky keyboard is truly delightful!

— Eugene

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