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Issue #117

Sho on customer obsession. T-24. Watch parties.

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How to handle design versions

Working on multiple design versions is an inevitable part of product development. See how Zeplin helps you keep everything in order so you can ship better products, faster.

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Issue #116

State management. Memory usage. Frontitude.

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Issue #115

Config agenda. LottieFiles for Figma. FigJam accessibility.

This week, Figma published the full agenda for its annual multi-track Config conference. I’m so excited to be a part of the group session “Figma like the pros” with seven other experts from the Figma community, hosted by Rogie King and Vanessa Chung. I’ve shared the work of these people countless times in the past and am honored to share the scene with them. Looking forward to sharing some of my Figma tips and tricks, and meeting everyone IRL!

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